Daniel Hatcher | they/them

Daniel is a passionate harm reductionist, as well as a queer rights and  drug user activist. Their advocacy is rooted in compassionate approaches to substance use, underpinned by their core values of Unconditional Love, Limitless Compassion, Courageous Kindness, Selfless Service, and Absolute Integrity.

With a focus on tangible policy changes conducive to recovery, Daniel’s grassroots efforts and commitment to peer support services exemplify their dedication to effecting meaningful change. They place great emphasis on the transformative power of lived/living experiences, striving to empower individuals to navigate substance use complexities, foster community connections, and access necessary support systems to achieve their self-defined full potential. 

Daniel strives to be an agent of change in building more recovery ready environments through policy change. They have been a featured speaker and personal narrative coach at the annual Mobilize Recovery conference where they empowered other grassroots organizers to use their stories of self to ignite change in their own local communities.

Through their alter ego, Sapphyre Monroe-Fillups, Daniel extends their philanthropy toward the our own queer communities, transforming charity and pup events into celebrations of pride, diversity of perspective, and acceptance. By fostering connections and advocating for change, Daniel embodies the belief that collective action can help eliminate transphobia, heterosexism, homophobia, and mono-normativity.