Jose Narvaez


Jose brings a rich blend of cultural and heritage and community engagement to the Pflugerville Pride Board. Originally from Mexico, Jose spent his formative years in Austin, where he immersed himself in the city’s diverse culture and vibrant community, where he eventually became a proud American Citizen. 

For the past few years, Jose has proudly called Pflugerville home. Since settling in Pflugerville, he has become an active member on the Pflugerville Pride Board, working to promote LGBTA+ visibility and support, while also helping organize events and create a safe space with his fellow board members to celebrate love, inclusivity, and diversity. Outside of his involvement with the board, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring the magic of Disney, diving into video games, and supporting local drag artists. He finds joy in spending time with his partner, friends, family, and their two beloved dogs, who bring laughter and companionship to his life.